Welcome to Blood City

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Welcome to Blood City
Welcome to Blood City.jpg
Directed by Peter Sasdy
Written by Michael Winder & Stephen Schneck
Starring Jack Palance
Keir Dullea
Samantha Eggar
Music by Roy Budd
Cinematography Reginald Morris
Edited by Keith Palmer
Release date
August 23, 1977
Running time
96 mins.
Country Canada[1]
United Kingdom[2]
Language English
Box office $CAD900,000

Welcome to Blood City is a 1977 film directed by Peter Sasdy. It stars Jack Palance, Keir Dullea and Samantha Eggar.[3][4]


Shot in Kleinburg Studios north of Toronto, Welcome to Blood City was an early Canada/U.K. tax-shelter co-production. Five strangers awake finding themselves with no memory in a world resembling the wild west. Their task is to become exempt from being killed - what the towns people refer to as being "immortal" - by killing twenty of the other inhabitants of the town under the scrutiny of the sheriff (Jack Palance), otherwise they will spend their lives in slavery. It is perhaps the first cinema release movie in the "virtual-reality" genre after the 1973 made for German television film World on a Wire. A theme possibly first presented in Daniel F. Galouye's 1964 novel Simulacron-3, later to be explored again in The Matrix and The Thirteenth Floor.



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