Welcome to Durham, USA

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Welcome to Durham The Documentary
Directed byChristopher Martin
Produced byHittin Hard Entertainment
Kyser "Mike Nice" Wilson
Courtney Conrad
Courtney Tucker
CinematographyTeddy Jacobs II (Welcome to Durham 2004) original shots.
Edited byTeddy Jacobs II (Welcome to Durham 2004)
Distributed byRDU919 Music & Films
Defend Films
Ryko Distribution
Release date
January 23, 2007
Running time
160 minutes

Welcome to Durham, USA is a documentary about gang violence in Durham, North Carolina.


Welcome to Durham, USA shows how gangs are not only a problem in big cities, but also in smaller cities and towns. It shows how the rivalry between the Crips and the Bloods are spreading out far beyond big cities.

Post release[edit]

Welcome to Durham, USA won the Best Documentary Award at the New York International Film Festival. The soundtrack for the film includes the single "Welcome 2 Durham" by Butta Team featuring Big Daddy Kane and Little Brother produced by Grammy Award Winner 9th Wonder.

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