Welfare Party of India

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Welfare Party of India
Leader S. Q. R. Ilyas
Founded 2011
Headquarters E-57/1, 2nd Floor, Scholars Apartment, A.F.E - Part 1. Okhla, New Delhi-110025
Student wing Freternity Movement
Labour wing FITU
Ideology Value-based politics
Welfare state
Religious pluralism

Welfare Party of India is an Indian Political party launched [1] on 18 April 2011 striving for what it deems "value-based politics" in India.[2] Its first National President was Mr. Mujtaba Farooq.[3] It works across India with state and district level committees.


Welfare Party of India was launched in Delhi on 18 April 2011 in the presence of around 3000 people gathered at the Ambedkar Bhavan. The party was projected as "voice of the voiceless", projecting itself as the saviour of the downtrodden in India. It announced a list of 35 member working committee representing the plurality of Indian populace with diverse regions, religions and communitie. There were seasoned political persons, religious personalities, Dalit, human right and social activists in the team led by Mr.Mujtaba Farooq (President), a veteran trade union leader, social and educational activist [4][third-party source needed]


Welfare Party of India fields candidates in 22 seats in West Bengal, 54 Seats in Kerala and 22 seats in Tamil Nadu.[5] It won several seats in the Kerala local elections.[6]


  • President: S. Q. R. Ilyas
  • Vice Presidents: Father Abraham Joseph, Moulana Abdul Wahab Khilji, Dr. B.T. Lalitha Naik
  • General Secretaries: Mr. P. C. Hamza, Mr. Shafi Madni
  • Treasurer: Mr. Abdus Salam
  • Secretaries: Mr. Subramani A., Ms. Sheema Mohsin, Mr. Ambujakshan[7][8]


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