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Well may refer to:


Used for resource extraction[edit]

  • Water well, an artificial excavation, hole or structure for the purpose of withdrawing water
    • Castle well, providing a protected source of drinking water
  • Salt well, or brine well, used to mine salt
  • Well drainage of agricultural land by pumped wells
  • Oil well, a hole drilled through the Earth's surface for the purpose of extracting petroleum oil

Other structures[edit]

  • Air well (condenser), a structure or device designed to promote the condensation of atmospheric moisture
  • Clootie well, a place of pilgrimage in Celtic areas
  • Holy well, often pagan sacred sites that were later Christianized
  • Jacob's Well, of religious significance in the West Bank
  • Lightwell, in architecture, an unroofed space designed to allow sunlight to reach interior areas
  • Wishing well, a term from European folklore


In the arts[edit]


Other uses in the arts[edit]

In science and technology[edit]

  • Gravity well or gravitational, a conceptual model of the gravitational field surrounding a body in space
  • Potential well, a concept used in physics related to kinetic energy
  • Quantum well, a potential well with only discrete energy values
  • A single well of a microtiter plate, used in chemistry and biochemistry
  • The condition of having a high level of well-being or health.

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