Well (Chinese constellation)

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Jǐng Xiù map

The Well mansion (井宿, pinyin: Jǐng Xiù ; Japanese: chichiri-boshi) is one of the Twenty-eight mansions of the Chinese constellations. It is one of the southern mansions of the Vermilion Bird.


English name Chinese name Modern constellation Number of stars
Well Gemini 8
Battle Axe Gemini 1
South River 南河 Canis Minor 3
North River 北河 Gemini 3
Celestial Wine Cup 天樽 Gemini 3
Five Feudal Kings 五諸侯 Gemini 5
Accumulated Water 積水 Auriga 1
Pile of Firewood 積薪 Gemini 1
Irrigation Official 水府 Orion 4
Water Level 水位 Canis Minor/Cancer 4
Four Channels 四瀆 Monoceros/Gemini 4
Market for Soldiers 軍市 Canis Major 6
Wild Cockerel 野雞 Canis Major 1
Grandfather 丈人 Columba 2
Son Columba 2
Grandson Columba 2
Palace Gate 闕丘 Monoceros 2
Celestial Wolf 天狼 Canis Major 1
Bow and Arrow 弧矢 Canis Major/Puppis 9
Old Man 老人 Carina 1