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Welland Transit
Welland Transit logo.png
Founded 1973
Headquarters 75 Federal Road
Locale Welland, Port Colborne
Service type Bus service, Paratransit
Routes 8 daytime city routes
2 extended community buses
2 external connections
Operator City of Welland
Website Welland Transit

Welland Transit provides public transport services in Welland, Ontario, Canada. Since its inception in 1973 the bus service had been operated by a private company, Metro Niagara Transit, funded by the city who assumed full operation of the transit system in 1977. [1]

Eight scheduled routes provide Monday to Friday daytime service with two additional community bus routes that give extended service during off-peak times and provide evening service after the regular routes stop running. Weekday service is provided on two routes to destinations outside the city; to Port Colborne and St. Catharines. Additionally, Welland Transit operates two community shuttles for the city of Port Colborne. For outlying areas of the city not on current transit routes, a service named Trans-Cab offers taxi connections to the conventional bus service for a small additional fee. Accessible services, for people unable to make use of regular buses, are available within the city or across the region.


Transit Division[edit]

Address: 75 Federal Road
Coordinates: 42°58′07″N 79°15′28.5″W / 42.96861°N 79.257917°W / 42.96861; -79.257917
Functions: Operations and administration, bus charters and bus maintenance. [2]

Transit Terminal[edit]

Address: 160 East Main St.
Coordinates: 42°59′34″N 79°14′47″W / 42.99278°N 79.24639°W / 42.99278; -79.24639
Opened: January 19th, 1994
Functions: Hub for all city bus routes and provision of intercity services


Bus routes[edit]

Welland Transit operates the following routes;[3]

Regular service[edit]

Core routes operate Monday through Friday from approximately 7AM to 6:30PM, and on Saturday from approximately 7AM to 6:30PM.

  • 1 Broadway
  • 2 Rice Road
  • 3 First Avenue
  • 4 Fitch St (on limited day time service every hour.) (a trans cab was used from July 2012 to July 2, 2013)
  • 5 Lincoln-Wellington
  • 6 Ontario Rd
  • 8 Woodlawn
  • 9 Niagara St

The first run on weekdays and all runs up until the 10:15am meet at the station on Saturdays operates 2 buses. 10W is the west community bus and 11E is the east community bus which alternate every other hourly run to the other side of the city to move those riders across town.

Hourly 10W and 11E buses run on weekdays at night until 9pm or around that time.

Evening service[edit]

The community buses provide flag stop service on combination versions of the 8 main routes. Service is provided until 11PM on weekdays and until 10PM on Saturdays.

  • 10 West Community Bus
  • 11 East Community Bus

Special services[edit]

  • Brock University Link

Formerly called the Welland-St. Catharines connection, provides September to May service between Niagara College in Welland and Brock University in St. Catharines, where there are bus connections available to St. Catharines, Thorold and Niagara Falls at the Brock University Hub.

  • Welland - Niagara-on-the-Lake Link provides September to May service between the two campuses of Niagara College.
  • Welland - Port Colborne Link

makes 6 trips daily and operates as a flag stop route as it, connects downtown Port Colborne with Niagara College and downtown Welland.

Port Colborne routes[edit]

  • 1 Port Colborne East
  • 2 Port Colborne West


Extends service to areas with insufficient traffic to warrant a regular bus route by means of a taxi connection to the existing bus network. Suburbs served are Cooks Mills, Dain City, Hunters Pointe, Quaker Road and the new North Fitch and South Fitch Trans Cab Connections.


Well-Trans (formerly Handi-Trans), provides accessible service for those not able to use a regular transit bus, for qualified pre-registered clients. The service operates between 7:15 am and 7:00 pm on weekdays and from 9:30 am to 6:15 pm on Saturdays.[4]

Niagara Specialized Transit[edit]

This service, operated by the Canadian Red Cross, is for eligible residents of Niagara Region who need to travel between municipalities for medical appointments, employment or education purposes.[5]


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