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Wellcome Book Prize is an annual British literary award sponsored by Wellcome Trust. In keeping with the vision and goals of Wellcome Trust, the Book Prize "celebrates the topics of health and medicine in literature",[1] including fiction and non-fiction.[2] The winner receives £30,000 making it "one of the most remunerative literature awards on offer."[3]

The current prize for medicine in literature was inaugurated in 2009, but there was an older award with the same name. In 1998, Wellcome Trust began offering a prize that would enable a practicing life scientist to take time off and write a science book for the general reader.[4] Applicants would submit a book outline and sample chapter, winners would then be obligated to write and publish the book. It appears the only winner was Michael J. Morgan for The Space Between Our Ears: How the Brain Represents Visual Space (2001), before the prize (for science writing) was discontinued.

From 2009-2012 it was called the Welcome Trust Book Prize. In 2013 there was no award however there were changes to the prize including an increase in prize money from £25,000 to £30,000 and a new timetable of key dates: shortlist in February and winner in April.[5]

Winners and Honorees[edit]

Blue Ribbon (Blue ribbon) = winner



2011 [6]


2013 (no award)[5]


2015 [14]


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