Wellington Channel

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The Wellington Channel, east of Cornwallis Island

The Wellington Channel (75°00′N 093°00′W / 75.000°N 93.000°W / 75.000; -93.000 (Wellington Channel)Coordinates: 75°00′N 093°00′W / 75.000°N 93.000°W / 75.000; -93.000 (Wellington Channel)) (not to be confused with Wellington Strait) is a natural waterway through the central Canadian Arctic Archipelago in Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut. It runs north/south, separating Cornwallis Island and Devon Island. In 1845 Sir John Franklin wintered at Beechey Island at its southeast end. In 1850 2 ships were caught in the ice. In the spring of 1851 it was explored by William Penny who went by sledge to the northwest tip of Devon Island.[1] Edward Belcher explored it in 1852.


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