Wellington City mayoral election, 2013

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Wellington City mayoral election, 2013
Wellington COA.gif
← 2010 12 October 2013[1] 2016 →
  Celia Wade-Brown, 2013.jpg John Francis Maclean Morrison.jpg Jack Yan at SFD Wellington 2010.jpg
Candidate Celia Wade-Brown John Morrison Jack Yan
Party Independent Independent Independent
Popular vote 27,171 24,691 9,996
Percentage 52.39
(Last iteration)
(Last iteration)

Mayor before election

Celia Wade-Brown

Elected Mayor

Celia Wade-Brown

The 2013 Wellington City mayoral election is part of the New Zealand local elections. On 12 October 2013, elections were held for the Mayor of Wellington plus other local government roles. Wade-Brown was re-elected.

Wellington is one of eight local bodies in New Zealand that uses the Single transferable vote system to elect its Mayor and Councillors.[2] The 2013 local government election will be the first time that the Greater Wellington Regional Council will use STV in it elections, and the first time a regional council has used STV for elections in New Zealand.[3]


When nominations closed there were six candidates for the Wellington mayoralty.

  • Rob Goulden, an Eastern Ward councillor until 2010, has put himself forward for the mayoralty and for the Eastern Ward. He had previously stood for the mayoralty in 2004. He said that he wanted to "tackle council debt". A news item commented that he "will enliven Wellington mayoral race" as "he was voted out in 2010, after years of turbulent relationships with his fellow councillors".[4]

Dr Keith Johnson, an economist from Island Bay who ran as a Labour candidate for the Southern Ward in 2010, initially proposed to stand.[8] He subsequently withdrew, saying that There was not much resonance in the concerns I had for debt control and against the rebalancing of rates.[9]


Wade-Brown was re-elected.[10] The following table shows preliminary results for first preference votes,[11] and final results for the last iteration.[12]

Candidate Affiliation First Preference Last Iteration
Votes % +/- Votes %
Celia Wade-Brown 26,854 38.4 +3.7 27,171 52.39
John Morrison 24,570 35.1 24,691 47.61
Jack Yan 9,915 14.2 +3.3
Nicola Young 5,069 7.3
Rob Goulden 2,590 3.7
Karunanidhi Muthu 919 1.3
Informal votes 71
Turnout 25,931

Ward results[edit]

Candidates were also elected from wards to the Wellington City Council.

Party/ticket Councillors
Independent 9
Greens 3
Labour 2


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