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The Faculty of Education of Victoria University of Wellington was formed from the former School of Education (of the Faculty of Humanities of Social Sciences) of the University, and the former Wellington College of Education on 1 January 2005.

The Faculty, for marketing purposes, is often referred in advertisements as the University's College of Education, rather than as a faculty of the university. The University, in internal bulletins, refers to both a faculty and college fluidly: a VicNews of 13 January 2005 apparently describes a "new Faculty of Education to oversee the degrees and diplomas awarded by it, and a new College of Education, consisting of four Schools," and later in that issue refers to a Victoria University College of Education.

Schools, campuses and libraries[edit]

The Faculty is made up of three 'schools'. There are also divisions such as School Support Services, which supports in-service teachers.

  • Karori Campus: The three teacher education schools' primary campus (Karori Campus) has been located on Donald Street in the suburb of Karori since 1969, for first-year students only, that year. Second and third-year teachers students continued to use the Kelburn campus until graduating.

The campus was designed by well-known local architect William Toomath. Stage One of the campus development was awarded an NZIA Silver Medal (1972), and an NZIA Local Award (Enduring Architecture) (2005). The buildings were renamed in 2004 after all the principals of the College and the College's sole VC-decorated serviceman.

    • School of Early Childhood Teacher Education: Formerly part of the College and a standalone kindergarten teachers college, the school offers four qualifications – two diplomas, one single degree and one conjoint degree (BA/BTeach).
    • School of Primary & Secondary Teacher Education: Formerly part of the College as two separate schools. The school offers three qualifications.
      • two preservice graduate teaching diplomas (primary and secondary)
      • one conjoint degree (BTeach, conjoint with a BA, BCA or BSc)
    • Te Kura Māori: Formerly part of the College. The school offers one conjoint degree (BA/BTeach).
    • School of Education Studies: Formerly the School of Education in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS). Offers the majors of Education and Gender and Women's Studies for the Bachelor of Arts; these BA degrees are, however, awarded by the FHSS. Included in the School are two 'Institutes':
      • Institute for Early Childhood Studies (Te Pūmanawa Rangahau kōhungahunga)
      • He Pārekereke (Institute for Research and Māori Development)
  • Kelburn Campus: Part of the School of Education Studies is located in Fairlie Terrace, at the University's Kelburn Campus – the Gender and Women's Studies programme and the He Pārekereke institute of the school are located in buildings at Fairlie Terrace.
    • School of Education Studies:
      • Gender and Women's Studies
      • He Pārekereke
  • Regional Centres: the Mana Education Centre in Porirua and the Wairarapa Education Resource Centre in Masterton have facilities for in-service teachers, including provision of short papers for School Support Services.
  • Libraries
    • The WJ Scott Library, named for a former principal of the College and formerly the College's library, is located in the Karori Campus of the University. It contains an extensive general collection of books, including sets of Ministry of Education children's periodicals such as School Journal.
    • The Colin Bailey Education Library of the School of Education Studies was located in Somerset House on the Kelburn Campus of the University. The school's library offered books specifically useful to courses offered for its majors (though primarily Education). It was closed at the end of 2005 and its collection incorporated in the WJ Scott Library.


2005 is the Faculty's 125th anniversary, the College being originally established in 1880. (The Victoria University of Wellington's predecessor, Victoria College – later Victoria University College – opened in 1899.)

Previously, the Wellington College of Education (until 1988 the Wellington Teachers' College) was a college of education (formerly a teachers' college) in Wellington, New Zealand.[1]

The College and University had already released a joint course catalogue for that academic year in October 2004 by the time the merger was sealed.

Notable alumni[edit]


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