Wellington Lake

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Wellington Lake
Location Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu, India
Coordinates 11°20′10″N 79°32′40″E / 11.33611°N 79.54444°E / 11.33611; 79.54444Coordinates: 11°20′10″N 79°32′40″E / 11.33611°N 79.54444°E / 11.33611; 79.54444
Type Reservoir, intermittent
Basin countries India

Wellington Lake is a lake situated in the Keelachiruvoi Village, Tittakudi taluk of the Cuddalore district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the second largest lake in Tamil Nadu after the Veeranam Lake, which also is situated in the Cuddalore district.[1]

It is primarily a rain-fed lake, while its main tributary is the Vellar river that originates from the Shevaroy Hills. Smaller creeks that originate from the Nangoor Reserve forest and the Lakkur reserve Forest form the secondary tributaries.

The Wellington Lake also has about 27 ancillary lakes[2] and together they form the primary source of irrigation for nearly 25,000 acres of land and over 67 villages dependent on it for cultivation.

The lake is also a noted trout fishery and home to a small-scale inland fishing industry.[2]