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Wellington Road (Irish: Bóthar Wellington)[1] is a road on the north-side of Cork city. Wellington Road stretches over a kilometre from St. Patricks Place (off St. Patricks Hill), to St. Lukes Cross at the eastern end of the road.

1880s toll house at the eastern (St. Lukes) end of Wellington Road[2]


A largely residential area, historically Wellington Road was a more affluent area with large houses. At the eastern end of the street, some of the houses were associated with the nearby Victoria Barracks. In the mid 20th century, many of these houses were sub-divided - into offices at the western end of the street and flats at the eastern end.[citation needed] From the 1990s, this process was reversed, with some of the houses restored to single family use and others converted to have a smaller number of units.[citation needed]


96FM Broadcasting House (former Christian Brothers College building)

Despite the residential nature of the road, there is only one grocer shop on the road itself. This is located close to St. Lukes Cross. The absence of retail outlets is perhaps explained by the fact that the street runs parallel to and not far north of MacCurtain Street - a commercial street on the northside of the River Lee.[original research?]

Cork's 96FM is located at St. Patricks Place at the western end of the road. It is also home to an Eircom telephone exchange, a backpacker hostel, several bed and breakfasts, a refugee community centre, dentist, and a primary school. There is no bus service along the road. There are a number of private flat complexes along the road, in mainly Victorian or pre-Victorian buildings.[citation needed]

Wellington Road lies in the Cork North Central constituency, and in the Mayfield Garda Station policing catchment.[citation needed]


A number of housing terraces are on Wellington Road, and include:

  • St. Patricks Terrace
  • Sydney Place
  • Verdon Place
  • Mount Verdon Terrace
  • Grosvenor Place
  • Waterloo Terrace
  • Charlemont Terrace
  • Waterloo Place
  • Wellesley Terrace[3]
  • Belgrave Place
  • Beechmount Place
  • Mountpellier Place


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Coordinates: 51°54′09″N 8°27′50″W / 51.9026°N 8.4638°W / 51.9026; -8.4638