Wellington Street West

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Wellington St. West in Hintonburg.

Wellington Street West is a 2-lane arterial road west of downtown Ottawa, Ontario and is not to be confused with the principal Wellington Street in downtown Ottawa. It begins at Bayview Road as a westbound one-way street until it merges with Somerset Street to attain its full right-of-way. The section from Somerset Street to Holland Avenue bisects the Hintonburg neighbourhood, while the section from Holland Avenue to Western Avenue forms the backbone of the gentrified Wellington West (or Wellington Village) community.[1] From Island Park Drive westward, the alignment is known as Richmond Road.


Richmond Road through Westboro and Wellington Street West eastward to Somerset have recently been reconstructed using streetscaping to create improved lighting, signals, and sidewalks.[2]

Major Intersections[edit]

The following is a list of major intersections along Wellington Street West, listed from east to west:

  • Bayview Road
  • Somerset Street West
  • Fairmont Avenue
  • Melrose Avenue
  • Carruthers Avenue
  • Parkdale Avenue
  • Holland Avenue
  • Harmer Avenue North
  • Clarendon Avenue
  • Western Avenue
  • Island Park Drive

Wellington Street West continues west as Richmond Road.


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