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Total population
more than 30,000 residents
Regions with significant populations
Spanish. Minority speaks Welsh as first language.
Roman Catholicism, Protestantism (Methodism, Presbyterianism, Episcopalianism et al.)
Related ethnic groups
Welsh people

Welsh Chileans are Chileans of Welsh descent whose family roots came from Wales. The Welsh did not settle in Chile. Generally, they were identified with the other British groups in Chile. About 30,000 residents of the Patagonia region have Welsh surnames. They are descendants of Welsh settlers in Y Wladfa who may have crossed the once disputed Argentina - Chile border and established farms or ranches in the late 19th century.

Notable Welsh Chileans[edit]

Edwards family

Watkins - Jones - Davies families (Correction - Davis)

  • Watkin Watkins (Cardiff, Wales) He was a politician in Wales and personal friend of David Lloyd-George. He moved to the Welsh colony in the Vesta ship and settled in Dolavon, Chubut. Later, he moved to Chile and obtained some lands in Nueva Imperial where he died. He left a wife (Ellen Jones) and three small children (Robert, Griffith and other).
  • Robert Watkins Jones (1881, Trelew, Argentine - 19??, Parral, Chile) He is the eldest son of Watkin Watkins and Ellen Jones. He worked in Sewell, Rancangua. He left three children from his marriage with Rosa Urrutia (Megan, Robert and Ellen)
  • Megan Watkins Urrutia (1912, Victoria, British Colony, Chile - 1988, Santiago, Chile), School Teacher.
  • Florencia Barrientos Watkins (1947, Castro, Chile), University professor.
  • Eugenio Chinchon Barrientos (1973, Calama, Chile), Electrical Engineer (Universidad de Chile) and MBA (Smurfit School of Business). He currently lives in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Ciro Calderon Watkins (1971, Santiago, Chile), Environmental Engineer (Universidad Catolica de Temuco). He currently lives in Temuco, Chile.

Map of 'Nueva Imperial', Chile, Drawn 1893 - Showing Land Plots Occupied by English (Welsh) Colony. Plots are located within the arc of the river. Map Coordinates of plot 2: -38.710847,-72.949197

Plot 1 80 hectares Tomas Mathies with his sons Tomas & William

Plot 2 20 ha Hugo Davies (Davis)

Plot 3 74 ha Enrique Hainge and his sons Arturs & Heriberto

Plot 4 40 ha Watkins (Ellen Jones) widow of W W (Watlkin Watkins)

Plot 5 60 ha Enrique Rowlands with his son John

Plot 6 80 ha Evan Ollivier with his son William & David

Plot 7 60 ha W William with his son Edwin

Plot 8 20 ha Hijuela fiscal (Recently fiscal?)

Plot 9 40 ha Tomas Davies

Plot 10 40 ha Paul Evan

Plot 11 80 ha John Davies with his sons Luis & Benjamin

Plot 12 20 ha Jones Cristmans

Plot 13 38 ha Tomas Morris

Plot 14 38 ha Edwards Richards

Plot 15 40 ha Chandler

Plot 16 40 ha Roberts Beech

Plot 17 40 ha Federico Yung

Plot 18 40 ha Harris James

Plot 19 20 ha Rigby

Plot 20 20 ha Hewitt

Plot 21 30 ha fiscal t.

Plot 22 32 ha fiscal

Plot 219a 80 ha Peter Pilkington with his sons Kaerhi and William

Plot 204 50 ha Neculques Reserva indígena abandonada –

Map signed by Clr Sommermeier.

Copy of map held by The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, SY23 3BU. Ref: PE 3327 Box 1001. (Ceris Gruffudd) Original given by the Rowland family and believed to be in the Melbourne Museum, Australia.

Hugo Davis of plot 2 married Widow Ellen Watkins nee Jones of Plot 4, and subsequently had 4 sons and 2 daughters. Family moved to Sewell, Rancagua to work in Copper Mines and Hugo Davis became an English Lecturer in Santiago. His book ‘Metodo Davis’, for learning English from Spanish, is in Bangor University Archives. His Welsh music and poetry are in The National Library of Wales Aberystwyth.

James H Davis - Oct 2009 (Grandson of Hugo Davis, Plot 2)

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