Welsh Liberal Party

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Welsh Liberal Party
Dissolved3 March 1988
Merged intoWelsh Liberal Democrats
HeadquartersDumfries Chambers, Cardiff
National affiliationLiberal Party

The Welsh Liberal Party was the section of the Liberal Party operating in Wales.


From the late nineteenth century, Liberal Party activists in Wales were organised in two separate federations, one for the north and one for the south. In 1898, David Lloyd George created the Welsh National Liberal Council, a loose umbrella organisation covering the two federations, but with very little power. In time, it became known as the Liberal Party of Wales.[1]

After World War I, Lloyd George wished to remain part of a national government. The Welsh National Liberal Council remained loyal to him, but a substantial majority wished to stand independent Liberal Party candidates, and formed the rival Welsh Liberal Federation, with Henry Gladstone as their president.[2] In 1924, the Welsh Liberal Federation rejoined the National Council, against the lone objection of Rhys Hopkin Morris.

In 1926, a Women's National Liberal Council for Wales was created.[3]

By 1966, the Liberal Party was struggling in Wales. Emlyn Hooson convinced a majority of delegates to merge both federations into the organisation, which became known as the Welsh Liberal Party. The new party had far more authority, and gradually centralised the finances and policy of the party in Wales.[1]



Until 1966, the party did not have an individual leader in Wales.
1966: Emlyn Hooson
1983: Geraint Howells


The position was created in 1904.
1904: Edward Thomas (Cochfarf)
1908: Viscount St Davids
1925: John Hinds
1928: Victor Evans
as of 1930: J. Walter Jones
as of 1949-54: Parry Brown
as of 1950: Alfred E. Hughes
as of 1959-64: Glyn Tegai Hughes
1964: Alun Talfan Davies
1966: Emlyn Hooson
1968: Martin Thomas
1973: Geraint Howells
as of 1975: Gareth Morgan
as of 1977-80: John Roberts
1980: Alex Carlile
1982: Winston Roddick


1898: Thomas Gee
1899: Thomas Williams of Merthyr
1901: J. R. Jacob
1902: Evan Spicer
1903: Herbert Lewis
1904: David Lloyd George
1945: Clement Davies
1948: Roderic Bowen
1949: Emrys Roberts
as of 1964: Clement Davies
as of 1968-71: Baron Ogmore
1971: Rhys Lloyd
1974: Geraint Howells
1977: Martin Thomas
1979: Roger Roberts
1983: Emlyn Hooson
1985: Maldwyn Thomas
1986: Gruffydd Evans


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