Welsh Professional Championship

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Welsh Professional Championship
Tournament information
Venue Newport Centre
Location Newport
Country Wales
Established 1977
Format Non-ranking event
Final year 1991
Final champion(s) Darren Morgan

The Welsh Professional Championship was a professional snooker tournament which was open only for Welsh players. It was the first of the four home countries to revive its national professional championship on a regular basis.


The championship was first played in the 1920s, but it was more than 50 years before Ray Reardon and Doug Mountjoy met, in 1977, for an 'unofficial' Welsh Professional title. Reardon won that encounter 12–8. Even though the event was sponsored by William Hill it wasn't a success and wasn't held again until 1980.[1]

The Ebbw Vale Leisure Centre staged the first official revived championship in 1980 and would host the championship until 1984. The event was sponsored by cider producers H. P. Bulmer, using their Woodpecker brand from 1980 until 1983 and their Strongbow brand in 1984.[1] In 1985 and 1986 the event was held at the Abertillery Leisure Centre. The sponsorship was taken over by BCE for 1985 and Zetters for 1986. The event moved to the Newport Centre in 1985 and remained there until 1991. In the last five years the event had three different sponsors: Matchroom in 1987, Senator Windows between 1988 and 1990, and Regal in 1991.[1] After the 1991 event Regal withdraw their sponsorship and began to sponsor the Welsh Open, a new ranking event at the same venue, and the event hasn't been held since then.[1]



Year Winner Runner-up Final score Season
1927 J.S Nicholls W. Davies N/A 1926/27
1977 Ray Reardon Doug Mountjoy 12–8 1976/77
1980 Doug Mountjoy Ray Reardon 9–6 1979/80
1981 Ray Reardon Cliff Wilson 9–6 1980/81
1982 Doug Mountjoy Terry Griffiths 9–8 1981/82
1983 Ray Reardon Doug Mountjoy 9–1 1982/83
1984 Doug Mountjoy Cliff Wilson 9–3 1983/84
1985 Terry Griffiths Doug Mountjoy 9–4 1984/85
1986 Terry Griffiths Doug Mountjoy 9–3 1985/86
1987 Doug Mountjoy Steve Newbury 9–7 1986/87
1988 Terry Griffiths Wayne Jones 9–3 1987/88
1989 Doug Mountjoy Terry Griffiths 9–6 1988/89
1990 Darren Morgan Doug Mountjoy 9–7 1989/90
1991 Darren Morgan Mark Bennett 9–3 1990/91


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