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Wen, wen, or WEN may refer to:

  • WEN, New York Stock Exchange symbol for Wendy's/Arby's Group
  • WEN, Amtrak station code for Columbia Station in Wenatchee, Washington, United States
  • WEN, ICAO airline designator for WestJet Encore
  • Wen (surname) (文, 温, 闻, 问), pinyin romanization of several Chinese surnames
    • Wen Jiabao (born 1942), Chinese premier beginning in 2003
  • Wen, alternate spelling for Wynn (Ƿ ƿ), a letter of the Old English alphabet
  • Wen, common name for trichilemmal cyst or pilar cyst
  • Wen, alternate name for lipoma, a benign tumor composed of adipose tissue
  • wen, the ISO 639-2 code for the Sorbian languages, also known as Wendish languages

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