Wen Qin

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Wen Qin
General of Cao Wei
Born (Unknown)
Died 257
Traditional Chinese 文欽
Simplified Chinese 文钦
Pinyin Wén Qīn
Wade–Giles Wen Ch'in
Courtesy name Zhongruo (Chinese: 仲若; pinyin: Zhòngruò; Wade–Giles: Chung-jo)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Wen.

Wen Qin (died 257), courtesy name Zhongruo, was a military general of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period. He served as protector of Yang Province. Enraged at Sima Shi on the displacement of the emperor Cao Fang, he started a rebellion with Guanqiu Jian. During the rebellion, Wen Qin fled to Wu. In 257, Wen Qin returned to Shouchun to assist the rebelling Zhuge Dan, who was waging war against Sima Shi's brother, Sima Zhao. As the battle wore on, Wu's supplies in the castle decreased at a fast rate. Wen Qin immediately suggested to Zhuge Dan to surrender to Sima Zhao. Angered by this, Zhuge Dan had Wen Qin executed.


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