Wenchang chicken

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Wenchang chicken
Wenchang Chicken 1.JPG
Wenchang chicken after cooking, before being cut into pieces
Place of origin China
Region or state Hainan
Main ingredients Chicken
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Wenchang chicken (simplified Chinese: 文昌鸡; traditional Chinese: 文昌雞; pinyin: Wénchāng Jī), is a type of chicken and a chicken dish from the Wenchang city area in Hainan, China.


This variety of small, fleshy[1] free-range chicken is fed coconut and peanut bran. During the last two months before going to market, they are kept in coops above the ground.[1]


Wenchang chicken is known throughout the province of Hainan. The most traditional way to prepare Wenchang chicken is "white cutting" (Chinese: 白切), which involves immersing the chicken in almost boiling hot water and cooking to preserve its softness and tenderness. It is then eaten by dipping the pieces in a mixture of spices including chopped ginger and salt.[1] The skin of Wenchang chicken is typically yellow, with an oily appearance,[2] although the meat is somewhat drier and has more texture than battery chickens. This dish is also popular in mainland China, in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Southeast Asian countries.[1]

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