Wenche Frogn Sellæg

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Wenche Frogn Sellæg (born 12 August 1937) is a Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party, and between 1981-1989 a parliamentary representative for Nord-Trøndelag. She was Minister of Environmental Affairs 1981-1983, Minister of Justice 1985-1986, and Minister of Social Affairs 1989-1990.[1]

She played 42 matches as goalkeeper for the Norwegian national handball team from 1959 to 1968.[2]


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Preceded by
Rolf Arthur Hansen
Norwegian Minister of the Environment
Succeeded by
Rakel Surlien
Preceded by
Mona Røkke
Norwegian Minister of Justice and the Police
Succeeded by
Helen Marie Bøsterud
Preceded by
Tove Strand Gerhardsen
Norwegian Minister of Social Affairs
Succeeded by
Tove Veierød