Wencheng County

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Wencheng County (simplified Chinese: 文成县; traditional Chinese: 文成縣; pinyin: wénchéngxiàn ) a secluded county that enjoys the most beautiful waters, mountains of the Wenzhou area, featuring in pleasant climate and complex variety of landform types. It is one of the five counties in the prefecture-level city of Wenzhou, Zhejiang, with a population of 212,000 (2010).

The county is located in the southwest of Wenzhou city proper, and borders Ruian city, Taishun County and Pingyang County.

Many natives of Wencheng migrated to Europe in the 1990s, most of which are now living in the Netherlands, Italy, and France.

Moutainous areas account for 82.5% of the total land area of Wencheng, with the highest peak of 1362 meters above sea in Shiyanglinchang (North West Wencheng)

Coordinates: 27°48′N 120°05′E / 27.800°N 120.083°E / 27.800; 120.083