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Wendelin Förster (10 February 1844 – 18 May 1915) was a German philologist and Romance scholar.


He was born at Wildschütz, Bohemia, and educated in Vienna. He was professor at Vienna and Prague from 1874 to 1876 and at Bonn after 1876. One of his most noteworthy achievements was the definite establishment of the Breton origin of the Arthurian legend.


His numerous publications of the older French writers include:

  • Elie de Saint Gille (1876–1882)
  • Li Chevaliers as deus espees (1877)
  • Altfranzösische Bibliothek, volumes i-xi (1879–87)
  • Romanische Bibliothek, volumes i-xx (1888–1913)
  • Die sämmtlichen Werke von Christian von Troyes, volumes i-iv (1884–99)
  • Wörterbuch zu Christian von Troyes (1914)



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