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Wendell Bird (Atlanta, Georgia) is a legal historian, and formerly practiced law (nonprofit organizations and litigation).

Legal history[edit]

He is the author of Press and Speech Under Assault (Oxford University Press 2016),[1] of Criminal Dissent: Prosecutions under the Alien and Sedition Acts (Harvard University Press 2020),[2] of The Revolution in Freedoms of Press and Speech: From Blackstone to the First Amendment and Fox's Libel Act (Oxford University Press 2020),[3] and of legal history articles.[4] He earned his D.Phil. in legal history at University of Oxford,[5] and his J.D. from Yale Law School.[6] He is a visiting scholar at Emory University School of Law.[7]

Nonprofit organization law[edit]

He has published three tax chapters and more than 20 articles on the laws affecting nonprofit organizations and charitable giving.[8] He has been an annual faculty member of the Washington Non-Profit Legal & Tax Conference for over 30 years,[9] and is a member of the Board of Advisors of the RIA Thomson Reuters publication, Taxation of Exempts.[10] He has been a member of the Board of Advisors of New York University School of Law's National Center on Philanthropy and the Law.[11]


In litigation Bird primarily represented securities claims, such as a suit against Merrill Lynch and its Focus Twenty Fund,[12] or a suit against TH Lee Putnam Ventures and Merrill Lynch,[13] both of which resulted in favorable decisions; and charitable fraud and diversion claims, such as a suit on behalf of the M. L. Simpson Foundation[14] or a suit against the Chatlos Foundation.[15]

In 2004, Bird represented APA Excelsior III (owned by predecessor to APAX Partners) and other large Wall Street private equity funds (managed by APAX Partners) in a federal court lawsuit alleging securities law violations in connection with a sale to Healthfield Holdings, Inc.[16]

In 2000-2002, he represented the Bengard Group in a trial and appeal involving sale of a business, winning in excess of $44 million.[17]

In the early 1980s, Bird worked for an Atlanta law firm, and also served as a special assistant attorney general for the State of Louisiana, for which he argued Edwards v. Aguillard to the U.S. Supreme Court.[18]


Bird graduated from Vanderbilt University (B.A., summa cum laude).[19] While at Yale Law School, he served on the Yale Law Journal Board of Editors,[20] and received the Egger Prize of Yale Law School.

He is a member of the American Society for Legal History and of the Society for Historians of the Early Republic. He is also a member of the American Law Institute,[21] a fellow of the American Bar Foundation,[22] a member of the American Bar Association, and was co-chair of its Subcommittee on Charitable Contributions for nearly 20 years.[23] He is listed in Who's Who in America (1995–present) and Who's Who in the World (1995–present).[23]

Nonprofit organization law chapters and articles[edit]

  • Wendell R. Bird, "Religious Organizations and Tax Law," Federal and State Taxation of Exempt Organizations, Chapter 4, Warren Gorhan & Lamont Publishers, 1994.[23]
  • Wendell R. Bird & Russell Reach, "Unrelated Debt-Financed Income," 8 CCH's Federal Tax Service J: Chapter 6 (1995).[23]
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  • Wendell R. Bird, "No Relief But Much Red Tape for Charities and Foundation," 17 Taxation of Exempts 201 (2006).[8]
  • Wendell R. Bird, " IRS Offers Guidance on "Election Year Issues" for Exempt Organizations," 15 Taxation of Exempts 269 (2004).[8]
  • Wendell R. Bird, "Charitable Giving Techniques and Other Estate Techniques," Journal of Retirement Planning at 9 (Nov.-Dec. 2003).[24]
  • Wendell R. Bird, "The Shape of Charitable Gift Planning After 'Repeal' of the Federal Estate Tax," 14 Taxation of Exempts 114 (2002).[8]
  • Wendell R. Bird, "Political Activities and Exempt Organizations," 12 Journal of Taxation of Exempt Organizations 243 (2000).[8]
  • Wendell R. Bird, "Exempt Organizations Rules on Political Activities," 7 Journal of Tax Exempt Organizations 195, (1996). [31]
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