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Wendy Alec
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OccupationTV Network Founder/Author
Notable work
Chronicles of Brothers

Wendy Alec is a writer, TV producer, film maker, and a director of WarBoys Entertainment London.She has written seven books, including the epic fantasy series, Chronicles of Brothers. She co-founded the GOD TV network in 1995[1] and presided as Director of Television and Creative Director for 21 years.

In 2018 she signed a contract with publisher Harper Collins for the relaunch of the 'Chronicles Series' and left GOD TV to pursue her writing career and the development of her London based TV Production Company Warboys Entertainment.

Early life and career[edit]

Alec was born in London, UK. Coached in speech and drama from nine, it became clear early on that she would follow a career in the creative arts. After leaving school, she trained further in speech, drama and music. The early 90’s saw her enter the advertising industry first as a copywriter, then as creative director of a television commercial production house. Alec was trained in screenwriting by her mentor in Hollywood, screendoctor Ron Suppa, professor at UCLA's Extension Screenwriting Programme.[2]

God TV[edit]

Alec co-founded GOD TV with Rory Alec in 1995 as the UK and Europe’s first daily Christian television network – broadcasting two hours a day on Rupert Murdoch’s SKY platform. The network grew rapidly over the past 21 years, now with a broadcast reach of 951 million viewers.[3]

With a background in commercial media, Alec aims to see “a revolution of excellence and creativity” in Christian media. Her objective is to make Christian television relevant to the unchurched and to reach a younger demographic of viewers.[4] She has been called a 'trendsetter for the Christian world'.[5]

Over the past two decades Alec has worked as GOD TV’s Creative Director and Director of Television responsible for the network’s international branding and programming line-up. She has also been the network's president.[6] Alec is the host of Word From The Heart [7]and An Evening With Wendy on GOD TV.[8]

Alec has represented GOD TV at several international conferences including: the Women on the Frontlines World Convention 2015 at Angelus Temple in Los Angeles[9] and the Empowered21 Jerusalem 2015 Global Congress.[10]

Alec and her husband divorced in 2014.

Book publications[edit]

Alec published the first book in her highly successful Chronicles of Brothers series, The Fall of Lucifer, in January 2006. She published the second book, Messiah—The First Judgement in November 2007, Son of Perdition in December 2009, and A Pale Horse in December 2012.[11] With nearly a million books sold, Alec has now [12]turned her hand to screenwriting, already having completed the first screenplay, The Fall of Lucifer, and currently developing Chronicles into a TV series in the genre of 'Game of Thrones'. Mark Ordesky, producer of 'Lord of the Rings', has stated that "Chronicles of Brothers is the greatest canvas for film making."

Alec published an autobiography, Against All Odds, in 2001.[13] She is also the author of 'Journal of the Unknown Prophet',[14] which is presented as a prophetic revelation given to her by God.[15] Visions From Heaven - Visitations To My Father's Chamber is Alec's second best selling 'prophetic' journal.[16]She has recently completed Book Five of the Chronicles Series 'End Of Days' which is due for publication by Harper Collins in Autumn 2018.


Alec has been recognised for her work at In the media arena with a Global Platinum Award from the Global Media Summit in 2016.[17]

She has also received awards from the Christian Broadcasting Council of the UK for her work on projects including The Global Day of Prayer Live.[18] and Gold awards for 'Best Ministry TV Program'[19] and 'Best Music TV Programme'.[20]Underneath her leadership at GOD TV as Director of Television,her production teams won over 20 Angel Awards.

Alec has also received awards for her writing. She received an 'Outstanding Contribution to Literature Award' for Chronicles of Brothers and the Journal of the Unknown Prophet, all four of Chronicles won the Best Fiction Award at Eden( the UKs largest online Christian Bookstore) and Wendy Alec also received the award for 'Outstanding Fiction Writer' for Chronicles of Brothers in the Exceptional Writers Awards.[21]


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