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Wendy Haas-Mull is an American vocalist and keyboardist best known for her work with the bands Santana and Azteca. She is the wife of actor/comedian Martin Mull.


Growing up in the San Francisco area, Wendy Haas began a musical career in her mid-teens, playing bass, keyboards and singing. She worked with a number of local groups, eventually meeting original Santana drummer Michael Shrieve. Shrieve brought her to the attention of Carlos Santana, and Haas subsequently provided piano tracks for the Santana recording "Caravanserai" and vocals on the album "Welcome". Shrieve also recommended Haas for the Latin Fusion band Azteca, which released two records on Columbia in the early 1970s and toured in North America with Stevie Wonder. Haas was also a member of the all-female band Fanny. Haas also performed and/or recorded with other artists including Alice Cooper, Boz Scaggs, Melissa Manchester, Kenny Rankin, Kiki Dee, and Spencer Davis.

Wendy Haas met and eventually married the comedian/actor Martin Mull in the 1980s, and largely retired from performing in the 1990s. The couple have a daughter, Maggie. Haas participated in the Azteca reunion concert in Los Angeles in 2007, which was recorded and released on CD as "Azteca - From The Ruins" and DVD as "Azteca - La Piedra Del Sol".