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Wendy Keller (born in Chicago, IL) is an entrepreneur, literary agent, author and philanthropist. She is the CEO and senior literary agent at Keller Media, Inc, one of the nation's leading nonfiction literary agencies. Wendy's clients include best selling authors such as Jeff Hayzlett, Sergio Bambaren, Jack Canfield, John Caslione, Dr. D.A. Henderson, Wallace J. Nichols, Shep Hyken, Gerry Sandusky, Judy Robinett, Roger James Hamilton, Col. Randall J. Larsen, C. Todd Conover, George Silverman and others.

Keller Media is a unique combination of literary agency, speakers bureau and talent marketing consultancy, focusing exclusively on helping nonfiction authors realize every potential from their books. The agency specializes in business, self-help and science books, from authors who especially credible in their field. Many clients are C-level executives at Fortune 500 corporations, professional speakers, high level consultants, media personalities, Nobel or other award winners (or nominees), industry experts and thought leaders. Keller Media operates a speakers bureau exclusively for the benefit of its clientele.

In summary, under Ms. Keller's leadership, Keller Media sells books to top publishers worldwide, books speakers into paid engagements, and trains and consults people to excel at both authorship and speaking. Wendy is responsible for ~1,200 rights deals worldwide, including 15 New York Times best sellers. She has sold books to every US publisher and many renowned international ones, including Random House, Penguin, Simon and Schuster, HaperCollins, St. Martin's Press, Macmillan, Wiley, McGraw-Hill and many more.


Wendy Keller won her first writing contest at age ten, and landed her first job as a newspaper reporter at sixteen. She began her first business at age 15 to help pay for college. Keller Media is her sixth company. Wendy is rare among agents because of her passion for and success with marketing content. She is the author of 31 published books under 9 pseudonyms, and has been a featured guest on 53 television programs, including Dateline NBC, Dr. Phil, CBS The Early Show, Crosstalk, Fox (3 times), ABC, the Anthony Robbins infomercial; Hannity and Colmes and other programs; books she has authored have been featured in the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, LA Times, Dallas Morning News, The Scotsman, San Francisco Chronicle, UK Glamour, Playboy, Maxim, Parenting, the Cincinnati Enquirer, Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post and others; and more than 500 radio shows worldwide.

Wendy's philanthropic work is evidenced by the eponymous website www.WendyKeller.com and through her active Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/WendyKellerCompassionPage. The purpose of her philanthropic work is helping people overcome significant life traumas.


During her early career Keller worked for The Prescott Courier, was managing editor of Dateline magazine; worked as a staff writer at PR Newswire, wrote for the Pasadena-Star News, and the Knight-Ridder newspaper chain. Keller became the associate publisher of Los Angeles' then-second-largest Spanish language newspaper, La Gaceta.

Wendy Keller founded her literary agency in 1989. In 1995, the agency added a speakers bureau to help her authors get paid speaking engagements. Under Wendy's direction, Keller Media, Inc., is focused on the effective marketing and comprehensive monetization of agency clients.

Wendy is the author of 31 books published under 9 names. These are the books under her given name: "Secrets of Successful Negotiation for Women" - Career Press "The Cult of the Born Again Virgin: How Single Women Can Reclaim Their Sexual Power" - HCI Books "Soaring Solo: On the Joys of Being a Single Mother"


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