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Wendy Kesselman is an American playwright.


Wendy Kesselman came to the Actors Theater of Louisville in 1980.[1] She lives in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.[2]


She won the 1981 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, for My Sister in this House.[3]




WENDY KESSELMAN'S My Sister in This House begins as a cool, black satire of provincial bourgeois life, turns into a macabre tale of incestuous homosexual love and ends with an explosion of Grand Guignol violence. If this play sounds discomforting, it is - and it means to be. Miss Kesselman's subject is repression -social, sexual, religious and political - and the havoc it wreaks on its victims. The author's feelings run so strong that she'll burn down the theater if that's what it takes to get the audience to see her point of view.[11]


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