Wendy Lands

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Wendy Lands
Wendy at Hughs Room.jpg
Wendy Lands at Hugh's Room, Toronto - 10/22/2015
Born Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Nationality Canadian
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Voiceover actress
Years active 1996–present
Website wendylands.com
Musical career
Labels Rebelette Records · Tambre Productions · EMI Music Canada

Wendy Lands is a Canadian singer and songwriter, in the jazz/pop/soul genre and one of the most sought after voice-over actors in Canada. Born in Montreal, she currently resides in Toronto. She is the recipient of a Juno nomination and two Canadian Radio Music Award nominations.


Angels & Ordinary Men (1996) EMI Music Canada

1. Angels & Ordinary Men 4:44 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard)

2. Trouble, Time & Tears 3:37 (Wendy Lands, Natalie Richard)

3. Little Sins 5:00 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard)

4. Graceless 4:00 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard)

5. Sanctuary 4:04 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard)

6. One Love 4:24 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard)

7. Like Oxygen 3:37 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard)

8. Age Old Thing 4:10 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard, Ted Quinlan)

9. Best Of Me 4:19 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard)

10. Polarized 5:12 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard)

11. Calling 4:16 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard)

Wendy Lands Sings The Music of The Pianist Władysław Szpilman (2002) Hip-O Records, Universal Music
All music composed by Władysław Szpilman

1. Fall In Love Again 3:43 (Lyrics by Michael Ruff)

2. Turn Away 4:35 (Lyrics by John Leftwich)

3. I Wish You'd Ask To Dance With Me 3:07 (Lyrics by Arthur Schlosser)

4. Dancing With Antonio 4:07 (Lyrics by John McNally)

5. Someday We Will Love Again 4:11 (Lyrics by David Batteau)

6. Without You 4:31 (Lyrics by Michael Ruff)

7. I'm Set Free 4:09 (Lyrics by David Batteau)

8. True And Tender 4:37 (lyrics by Wendy Lands & Jim Gillard)

9. Smoke And Mirrors 4:11 (Lyrics by Shira Myrow)

10. Prisoners Of Evening 3:34 (Lyrics by David Batteau & John Leftwich)

11. My Memories Of You 5:45 (Lyrics by David Batteau)

12. Hold Me A Moment 3:36 (Lyrics by John Leftwich)

13. 3 Songs From The "Sztuka Cafe" In The Warsaw Getto(Instrumental) 4:56*

  • Władysław Szpilman on Piano, Japan version bonus track

Mumble (2011) Rebelette Records

1. Mumble 3:57 (Wendy Lands, Don Breithaupt, Jim Gillard)

2. Slow Dance Hotel 3:11 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard, Greg Kavanagh)

3. Party Girl 4:33 (Wendy Lands, Larry John McNally, Jim Gillard)

4. Brand New Juliet 4:47 (Wendy Lands, Larry John McNally, Jim Gillard)

5. Paris 3:06 (Wendy Lands, Larry John McNally, Jim Gillard)

6. Just A Little 4:44 (Wendy Lands, Larry John McNally, Jim Gillard)

7. Unsung 4:14 (Wendy Lands, Don Breithaupt, Jim Gillard)

8. Dancing On the Edge Of Love 4:04 (Wendy Lands Don Breithaupt, Jim Gillard)

9. Don't Make Me Laugh 5:28 (Wendy Lands, Tonio K, Jim Gillard)

10. Forget Everything I Know 3:38 (Wendy Lands, Don Breithaupt, Jim Gillard)

11. Beautiful Sinner 3:12 (Wendy Lands, Don Breithaupt)

Altitude (2015) Tambre Productions / Rebelette Records

1. Stompin' 3:42 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard, Don Breithaupt & Marvin Dolgay)

2. Holding On to Letting Go 4:19 (Wendy Lands & Don Breithaupt)

3. Come By Me 3:30 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard & Ted Quinlan)

4. Words Escape Me 3:32 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard and Marvin Dolgay)

5. Boom Boom 2:49 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard & Marvin Dolgay)

6. Hurt You A Little 3:48 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard & Tonio Ky)

7. Pray For Rain 3:49 (Wendy Lands & Don Breithaupt)

8. Who's Gonna Love You 4:38 (Wendy Lands, Jim Gillard & Marvin Dolgay)

9. The Soul of Saturday Night 4:07 (Wendy Lands & Jim Gillard)

10. Altitude 5:28 (Wendy Lands & Jim Gillard)


Little Sins
Like Oxygen
Angels & Ordinary Men

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