Wendy Rule

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Wendy Rule
Birth name Wendy Elizabeth Rule
Born 1966 (age 50–51)
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Origin Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter,
Instruments Vocals
Website wendyrule.com

Wendy Elizabeth Rule (born 1966) is an Australian musical artist. She was born in Sydney, later moved to Melbourne. She performs regularly, and has toured the United States and Europe. Rule has been based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Musical style[edit]

Although her early roots were in Jazz, she moved to the Goth genre.[1]

Rule both composes and performs vocals on her albums.


She is a practising witch and her lyrics typically address pagan and mythological themes. She has publicly spoken about her belief in polytheism,[2] and her lyrics have been used in Wiccan ritual.


  • Zero (1996) - Her first solo album, which took 9 months to record.[3]
  • Live (1997) [Limited Release]
  • Deity (1998) - Established her "lush Gothic sound."[4]
  • A Journey to the Underworld. A musical play focussing on the Inanna mythology. Dibide into two sections, "Death" and "Life". Recorded at Melbourne's Universal Theatre and released on VHS video (1999).
  • World Between Worlds (2000)
  • The Lotus Eaters (2003)
  • A Night of Jazz (2004)
  • The Wolf Sky (2006) - Produced in a style described as "wild, epic, dark and beautiful."[5]
  • Meditations on the 4 Elements (2007)
  • Beneath The Below Is A River (2008)
  • Guided by Venus (2010)
  • Live At The Castle On The Hill (2012)
  • collaboration with Gary Stadler: Deep within a Faerie Forest (2005, Sequoia Records)

compilations featuring tracks by Wendy Rule[edit]


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