Wenn Ludwig ins Manöver zieht

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Wenn Ludwig ins Manöver zieht
Directed by Werner Jacobs
Produced by Franz Seitz
Screenplay by Georg Laforet Screenplay
Ludwig Thoma Source material
Starring Hansi Kraus as Ludwig Thoma
Heidelinde Weis
Rudolf Rhomberg
Elisabeth Flickenschildt
Music by Rolf Wilhelm
Cinematography Wolf Wirth
Edited by Jane Sperr
Distributed by Constantin Film
Release date
19 December 1967
Running time
Country Germany
Language German

Wenn Ludwig ins Manöver zieht ("When the time has come for Ludwig to join the field exercise") is a 1967 West German comedy film directed by Werner Jacobs, starring Hansi Kraus as Ludwig Thoma, Heidelinde Weis and Rudolf Rhomberg.[1] The script was provided by producer Franz Seitz who chose his pen name "Georg Laforet" for the credits. Besides many well-known actors of the day, the film also features Zlatko Čajkovski, 1967's trainer of FC Bayern Munich, his goal-getter Gerd Müller and his goalkeeper Sepp Maier.


The Prussian Army comes to Bavaria for a military exercise. They show off and try to demonstrate superiority. Yet they don't stand a chance because they are not prepared to tackle Ludwig's nifty pranks.



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