Wenn du gehst

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"Wenn du gehst"
Single by Connie Francis
B-side "Gondola d'Amore"
Released 1962
Format 7" single
Recorded A-side: April 13, 1962
B-side: April 14, 1962
both at Austrophon Studio, Vienna
Genre Schlager music
Length A-Side: 2:39
B-Side: 2:36
Label MGM Records 61 065
Songwriter(s) A-side: Werner Scharfenberger, Fini Busch
B-Side: Charly Niessen, Joachim Relin
Producer(s) Gerhard Mendelsohn
Connie Francis
German singles chronology
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"Wenn du gehst"
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"Tu' mir nicht weh"/

"Wenn du gehst"/
"Gondola d'Amore"
"Barcarole in der Nacht"/

Wenn du gehst is the ninth German single recorded by U. S. entertainer Connie Francis. The B-side was Gondola d'Amore.

Both songs had been written especially in German for Francis since after her previous eight German singles it had become clear that compositions of German origin were favored by the German audiences instead of cover versions of Francis' U. S. hits.

"Gondola d'Amore" was subsequently recorded by Francis in French as Toutes les étoiles.