Wenceslao Moguel

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Wenceslao Moguel
Moguel circa 1940
Wenceslao Moguel Herrera

(1896-11-01)November 1, 1896
Died (aged 79)
Other namesEl Fusilado
Known forSurviving execution by firing squad

Wenceslao Moguel Herrera (1 November 1896[1] – 29 July 1976), known in the press as El Fusilado (Spanish: "The Shot One"[a]), was a Mexican soldier under Pancho Villa who was captured on March 18, 1915 during the Mexican Revolution, and survived execution by firing squad.[2][3][4]

He was sentenced to death without a trial, and was shot 8–9 times in the body. He received the coup de grâce, or one final shot to the head at point-blank range to ensure death, yet managed to survive, though he was permanently scarred and disfigured by the event.[4][2]

Stories differ as to how he survived. Some sources suggest that he was rescued:

The next day Moguel was found unconscious among the dead bodies of his comrades. He was given medical attention and recovered.[2]

Others state that he escaped on his own and received care afterwards:

[Moguel] crawled away to the church of St. James Apostle three blocks away where a church member found him and took him home until he recuperated.[4]

Moguel appeared on the Ripley's Believe It or Not! radio show on July 16, 1937.[5]

He is the focus of a song, titled El Fusilado, by British anarchist band Chumbawamba. It appears on their thirteenth studio album. This song was covered by The Longest Johns in 2023.


  1. ^ Ripley's Believe it or Not! incorrectly translated "El Fusilado" as "The Executed One"


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