Wenshan District

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Wenshan District
Wanshin Village, Wenshan District View from Maokong Gondola 20131002.jpg
CountryRepublic of China (Taiwan)
RegionSouthern Taipei
 • Total31.5090 km2 (12.1657 sq mi)
Area rankRanked 4th of 12
 • Total275,433
 • RankRanked 4th of 12
 • Density8,700/km2 (23,000/sq mi)
Postal code
Wenshan District
Traditional Chinese文山區
Jingmei (old name)
Traditional Chinese景美
Muzha (old name)
Traditional Chinese木柵

Wenshan District is a district in Taipei, Taiwan. It is the southernmost district of the twelve districts in Taipei. Wenshan previously referred to the region south of Taipei Basin (including Xindian and Pinglin).


In 1894 (late Qing era), the local gentry changed the name from "Fist Mountain" (拳山) to the more elegant "Fort Wenshan" (文山堡, from 文山秀氣). The greater Wenshan area (大文山區) is roughly the area of Bunsan District (文山郡), Taihoku Prefecture from the Japanese era. It included modern Wenshan district as well as Xindian, Shenkeng, Shiding, Pinglin, and Wulai.

Republic of China[edit]

After the handover of Taiwan from Japan to the Republic of China in 1945, the government divided the region into three areas, which are Jingmei, Muzha and Shenkeng on 1 March 1950. On 1 July 1968, Jingmei and Muzha townships were reassigned to Taipei City from Taipei County and later combined to become Wenshan District on 12 March 1990.[1]


Notable attractions in this district include the Zhinan Temple, Taipei Zoo, Maokong, Jingmei Night Market, Xianji Rock (仙跡岩) and Fudekeng Environmental Restoration Park. The Examination Yuan and the National Chengchi University are also Daan is better served by the Taipei Metro, The Wenshan Line, Maokong Gondola and Xindian Line in this district. ten stations of which are located in the city: Xinhai, Wanfang Hospital, Wanfang Community, Muzha, Taipei Zoo, Taipei Zoo South, Zhinan Temple Station, Maokong, Wanlong and Jingmei

Although Wenshan is in Taipei city, it seems rather remote at first sight; surrounded by mountains, many people find it is a good place to escape downtown Taipei. On weekends, many people drive to Maokong to enjoy one of the area's numerous teahouses and to breathe the fresh air.

The mountains in Wenshan are ideal for people to exercise on the hiking trails. The Taipei Zoo, which houses two pandas on loan from China, is often jammed by adults and children alike, especially during summer vacation. After the construction of the MRT, it became easier to travel to Wenshan from other districts. Wenshan District also contains the city mayor's residence.

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