Wensley Haydon-Baillie

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Wensley Haydon-Baillie

Wensley Haydon-Baillie, born ca. 1953, the son of a surgeon from Worksop, Nottinghamshire, was once one of the 50 richest men in the UK[1] after working his way up in the pharmaceutical industry. A company he invested in, Porton International, sold at high prices when it seemed it had a cure for herpes. It collapsed when it turned out it did not and the company wound up selling at a discounted price to Ipsen Pharmaceutical. He owned a collection of Rolls-Royces and an aviation museum housing and restoring many Spitfires.[2] He also owned Wentworth Woodhouse in Yorkshire[3] – one of the largest private homes in Europe with an assumed 365 rooms. In the 1980s, he invested millions in a firm that claimed to have a cure for herpes[4] but it never materialised and in 1998 he admitted to debts of £13m.[5] In 1994, Wensley Haydon-Baillie married Samantha Acland, a secretary. Prince Michael of Kent was best man.[1] He is the current owner of the two largest passenger hovercraft in the world, the SRN4s,[6] and also one of the fastest boats in the world, the Brave Challenger.[7]

Wensley Haydon-Baillie is also one of the few surviving descendants of Jeremiah Coghlan the heroic Royal Navy officer [1].


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