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Coordinates: 53°56′46″N 1°03′31″W / 53.94613°N 1.05867°W / 53.94613; -1.05867

Wentworth College
University University of York
Motto En Dieu est tout (French)
Motto in English "In God is all"
Established 1972 - Foundation
2001 - Refounded
Named for Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford
Provost Russell Yates[1]
Deputy provost Jim Hoggett
Dean Derek Lavin
Undergraduates None
Postgraduates 460
Wentworth College logo.jpg
Website Wentworth College

Wentworth College is a college of the University of York, named after Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford.[2]


The College was founded in 1972. Wentworth was refounded in 2001 and became the postgraduate only college of the University.[3] Postgraduates can however choose membership of any of the colleges at the University. Wentworth College currently has around 500 resident graduate students and a further 1000 non-resident College Members. It also serves as the base for the Graduate Students' Association.

Buildings and services[edit]

Wentworth houses the Department of Sociology, The Edge (formerly the Kasbah), a cafe by day which turns into a bar at night. Along with the Graduate Common Room, this plays host to many of the events organised by the Graduate Common Room Committee, the College Tutors and Staff of Wentworth College, students and the GSA throughout the year. There is also a Senior Common Room that is used for small formal and informal gatherings including the Wentworth Seminar Series and the Assistant Head of Wentworth College afternoon tea.

In addition, Wentworth has a computer room, Yoga room, a quiet reading room for study, a prayer room and a laundry room as well as an art and ceramics studio.

Wentworth College viewed from across the lake

Student life[edit]

As a postgraduate only College Wentworth does not have a Junior Common Room, it does however have a Graduate Common Room which is governed by the Graduate Common Room Committee. All postgraduate students, whether members of Wentworth or not, are also presented by the Graduate Student Association. The College is a vibrant, academic and social community


The current head of Wentworth College (formerly Provost) is Russell Yates.[1]

List of Provosts of Wentworth College:[4]

  • Eric W Hawkins 1972-1975
  • Norman Rea 1975-1977
  • J Martin Bell 1978-1985
  • Peter M Lee 1985-2005
  • Carl A Thompson 2005-2010
  • Russell Yates 2010-present


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