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Subzone of Jurong West
Other transcription(s)
 • Chinese 文雅
 • Pinyin Wényǎ
Country  Singapore
Region West Region
Planning Area Jurong West
 • Total 1.97 km2 (0.76 sq mi)
Population (2015)[1]
 • Total 8,610
 • Density 4,400/km2 (11,000/sq mi)

Wenya (previously named as Bulim[2][3] [4]) is a subzone of Jurong West, Singapore.

This subzone comprises businesses, educational institutions, residential developments and civic and community institutions.


Name transcription(s)
 • Chinese 武林
 • Pinyin Wǔlín
 • Hokkien POJ Bú-lîm
Country  Singapore

Prior to the 1990s, the subzone was part of the Bulim estate[5] (a Slum) and where the Bulim Hill Cemetery (a Chinese cemetery) was located. In 1984, the cemetery was closed[6] and exhumed thereafter to make way for the Kranji and Pan Island expressways[7][8]. This segregated the Bulim estate and its western section became a subzone of Jurong West [9] and was given the name Wenya.

In the 1990s, the development of Wenya began. Originally designed to be a residential subzone, the first two housing estates were completed in 2000[10] and 2002[11] respectively, complemented with the re-location of Corporation Primary[12] and Westwood Secondary schools to the area in 2001, and the building of associated facilities for living. In 2005, the Housing and Development Board released two land parcels [13] in the subzone for interim uses [14].

In 2007, the subzone was however re-zoned to be an Industrial area and the eastern section (occupying majority of the subzone) carved out and re-designed as Wenya Industrial Park[15]. In 2012, a study [16] was conducted to assess a new road network at the subzone for the industrial development. This led to the construction of Wenya Avenue and Wenya Street in 2013[17].

In 2014, the names of Wenya Avenue and Wenya Street[18] were changed to Bulim Avenue and Bulim Street respectively.


Bulim Industrial Park[edit]

Main article: Bulim Bus Depot

Situated east of the existing residential developments in the subzone, this is an Industrial zone that has been steadily developing since 2012[19]. It will be part of the 2 West Integrated industrial township, which includes the neighboring NTU, CleanTech Park and a section of Tengah[20].

With the completion of a data centre and a corporate headquarters in the zone, the first section of the Industrial Park is set to open in 2014[21], followed by the opening of the second section in 2015, when a new bus depot, to be operated by Tower Transit Singapore, is ready[22].

Interim uses[edit]

Along Jurong West Street 25, there are 2 interim developments, namely a Nursery(Thong Hup Gardens) and a Sports Ground for Futsal(Golazo Futsal Singapore)[23].


At the ground floor of Block 276 (a multi-storey car park), there is an Eating House, Clinic, Salon, Betting kiosk, Food & Beverages-cum-Launderette shop, and 3 Provision Shops, as well as an automated teller machine (ATM)[24].


Along Bulim Avenue and Bulim Street, developments for a Logistics Park has been ongoing since 2013. Currently, there are 3 businesses that are currently operating at Bulim, namely Google, Kintetsu World Express (KWE) and recently LF Logistics. Constructions for two more industrial buildings are currently ongoing along Bulim Avenue. This location for a Logistics Park makes strategic sense, as it is near the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), Kranji-Expressway (KJE), access to labour market with flats nearby, and connections to Boon Lay Bus Interchange via feeder bus service along Jurong West Street 25 and 23.


Wenya is linked to the PIE Expressway with Major Arterial Roads Jurong West Avenue 2 (from Changi) and Jalan Bahar (from Tuas and KJE Expressway), and to the AYE with Jalan Bahar (via Jalan Boon Lay). From the Major Arterial Roads, Minor Arterial Roads Jurong West Avenue 3, Bulim Avenue and Bulim Drive distribute the traffic to the various Primary Access Roads in the subzone[25].

  • The roads in Wenya Industrial Park, Bulim Avenue and Bulim Drive, are not yet open to traffic.


There are 3 bus routes plying in the subzone:

Along the boundary of the subzone,

there are 3 bus routes plying along Jalan Bahar:
there is 1 bus route plying along Jurong West Avenue 2:


There are four education institutions in this subzone.

  • There is a Child Care centre at blk 274D operated by PCF Hong Kah North.
  • There is a Kindergarten at blk 276D operated by Agape Child Care(Jw) Pte. Ltd.
  • Corporation Primary School is located at Jurong West Street 24.
  • Westwood Secondary School is located at Jurong West Street 25.
  • Bulim Autism School is located at Bulim Avenue.


There are 24 housing blocks in this subzone and all are public apartments.

Public apartments[edit]

Street Estate name Blocks Quantity Note
24 271A-271D, 272A-272D 8
25 Wenya 273A-273D, 274A-274D, 275A-275D, 276A-276D 16

The public apartments and associated infrastructure are managed and maintained by Chua Chu Kang Town Council.


Bulim is part of Hong Kah North SMC and the constituency's MP is Dr Amy Khor.

Community spaces[edit]

Health and medical care[edit]

The Saint Joseph's Home at Jurong Road [1] provides "shelter, care and love for the aged and the destitute."[30]

Civic and community institutions[edit]

The Singapore Boys' Home and the Singapore Boys' Hostel at Jurong West Street 24 [31] are for male juveniles arrested and charged by the law[32].


Jalan Bahar Park, at the junction of Avenue 3 and Street 24, is a major park maintained by Chua Chu Kang Town Council.

Neighbouring areas[edit]


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