Werewolf: The Last Warrior

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Werewolf: The Last Warrior
Werewolf The Last Warrior cover.jpg
Cover art used in North America and Europe
Developer(s)Data East/SAS Sakata
Publisher(s)Data East (NA/EU)
Takara (Japan)
Director(s)Ken Fukaki
Programmer(s)Motohiro Umeki
H. Itoh
Artist(s)T. Watanabe
Eiichiro Nakatsu
Composer(s)Shogo Sakai
Takafumi Miura
Yusuke Takahama
Platform(s)Nintendo Entertainment System
  • NA: November 16, 1990
  • Japan: June 28, 1991
  • EU: September 26, 1991
Genre(s)Platform game

Werewolf: The Last Warrior, known in Japan as Super Werewolf Chronicle Warwolf (超人狼戦記WARWOLF(ウォーウルフ), Chō Jinrō Senki Wōurufu), is a Nintendo Entertainment System platform game about a werewolf that made its debut on November 16, 1990 in North America. It starred a werewolf character named "Warwolf".[1]


The game took place on "Red Earth"—Earth's second colony planet.[1] Dr. Faryan adventured into a cave and awoke an ancient evil that made him turn into an evil entity.[1] Afterwards, Dr. Faryan created a bunch of evil mutants who imprisoned nearly everyone on Earth.[2] The only hope for humanity is a man named "Ken" who could transform into a werewolf named "Warwolf".[1]


Getting red "W"s made the hero turn into a werewolf, granting him a longer range melee attack, and a wall-climbing ability. Getting blue "W"s made him turn back into a man. Getting bubbles added to his anger meter and getting five of them turned him into a super werewolf that could jump very high and do double damage for a limited time.


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