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Werfel is a German and Jewish surname, mentioned in Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic.

Notable people with this name include:

  • Alma Werfel (1879–1964, Alma Maria Mahler Gropius Werfel, née Schindler), wife of Gustav Mahler, Walter Gropius, Franz Werfel
  • Franz Werfel (1890–1945), Jewish Bohemian-Austrian novelist, playwright, and poet
  • Hanna Werfel (1896–1964), sister of Franz Werfel, wife of Herbert Fuchs-Robettin, mistress of Alban Berg
  • Holger Werfel Scheuermann (1877–1960), Danish surgeon; Scheuermann's disease was named after him
  • Johan Werfel (da) (1764–1831), Danish writer, translator and magazine publisher
  • Louis Werfel (1916–1943), American Orthodox rabbi, military rabbi, The Flying Rabbi
  • Roman Werfel (1906–2003), Polish communist apparatchik
  • Rudolf Werfel, father of Franz Werfel


  • 12244 Werfel (1988 RY2), a main-belt asteroid discovered on 1990

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