Werner I, Count of Habsburg

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Werner I, Count of Habsburg (c. 1025/1030 – 11 November 1096), was a nobleman and an early member of the House of Habsburg. He was ancestor of King Rudolph I of Germany.

He was sometimes called Werner the Pious.[1] His father was Radbot, Count of Habsburg, and his mother was Ida de Lorraine (also known as Ita von Lothringen), who was the granddaughter of Hugh the Great and the great-granddaughter of Henry the Fowler).

In 1057, he married Reginlinde of Nellenbourg (1027–1090). He had two sons: Otto II, and Albert II (also known as Albrecht II or Adalbert II).


Werner I, Count of Habsburg
Born: 1025/1030 Died: 1096
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Radbot I
Count of Habsburg
1045 – 1096
Succeeded by
Otto II


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