Werner Tübke

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Werner Tübke
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1982-1002-014, Dresden, XI. Kunstausstellung der DDR.jpg
Tübke (left) presenting a 1:10 version of Early Bourgeois Revolution in Germany to Erich Honecker
Born (1929-07-30)30 July 1929
Schönebeck, Germany
Died 27 May 2004(2004-05-27) (aged 74)
Leipzig, Germany
Nationality German
Known for painting
Notable work Early Bourgeois Revolution in Germany, also known as Peasants' War Panorama
Movement Leipzig School,
Magical Realism

Werner Tübke (30 July 1929 Schönebeck, Germany -- 27 May 2004 Leipzig, Germany) was a German painter, best known for his monumental Peasants' War Panorama located in Bad Frankenhausen.

Early Bourgeois Revolution in Germany[edit]

Tübke's magnum opus, Early Bourgeois Revolution in Germany, has a size of 14 by 123 meters.[1] It depicts a scene from the German Peasants' War, which took place from 1524 to 1525.