Werner van den Valckert

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Werner van den Valckert
Man With a Ring 1617 Valckert.jpg
Man With a Ring, possibly Bartolomeus Jansz van Assendelft, 1617.
Born Werner van den Valckert
Died 1635 (aged 49–50)
Nationality Netherlands
Known for Painting
Movement Baroque

Werner van den Valckert (ca. 1585 - after 1635[1]) was a Dutch Golden Age painter and engraver.


A fool up a sleeve.

Though he was born in Amsterdam, he became a member of the Guild of St. Luke in the Hague between 1600 - 1605.[1] By 1614 he had moved to Amsterdam, because his daughter was baptized there. His earliest dated etchings are from 1612. His surviving paintings are historical allegories and portraits. He also made a prestigious schutterstuk, which features the Amsterdam burgermeester Albert Burgh.

According to Houbraken, he was a student of Hendrik Goltzius.[2] He painted a series of 4 paintings showing a doctor as angel, Christ, a man, and the devil; these were all based on engravings by Goltzius. These paintings are now in the possession of the Boerhaave Museum, which has other similar series on display. He also made a series of 4 paintings about relief for the poor, now in the possession of the Amsterdam Historical Museum.[1]

According to the RKD, his pupil was Andries Jeremias.[1]


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