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Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University
Established 2009
Affiliation Wesleyan Church
President Dr. David Wright
Dean Dr. David Smith
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 507
Location United States Marion, IN, USA
40°31′00″N 85°40′10″W / 40.516545°N 85.669430°W / 40.516545; -85.669430Coordinates: 40°31′00″N 85°40′10″W / 40.516545°N 85.669430°W / 40.516545; -85.669430
Seminary Interim Vice President Dr. Jo Anne Lyon
Website seminary.indwes.edu

Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University is an evangelical Christian theological seminary that was founded by the Wesleyan Church denomination and Indiana Wesleyan University. Wesley Seminary is located on Indiana Wesleyan University's main campus in Marion, Indiana.


In 2008, IWU administrators and the Board of Trustees endorsed the concept of the seminary and set aside funding for the potential program. On April 3, 2009 the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the proposal after the seminary was accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The seminary opened for the fall 2009 semester.[1] On June 20, 2012 Wesley Seminary was admitted as an Associate Member of the Association of Theological Schools. On October 2, 2009, during IWU's Homecoming Chapel, university president Dr. Henry Smith announced that the Board of Trustees had officially voted to name the seminary Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University and had chosen Dr. Wayne Schmidt to be the seminary's first Vice President.[2]

Wesley Seminary has completed construction of its seminary on the IWU campus in Marion, Indiana in part through a donation from the Green family, owners of the Hobby Lobby corporation. On April 12, 2012, the cornerstone for the new $7 million Wesley Seminary building was laid and the facility was completed in 2013. Wesley Seminary is the first officially affiliated seminary in the history of the Wesleyan Church, which is one of the only evangelical denominations that does not currently require pastors to hold a seminary degree for ordination. Currently, only about 15 percent of Wesleyan pastors have seminary degrees. Denominational leaders hope the creation of Wesley Seminary will double that number.[3] Wesley Seminary ranks in size within the top 10 percent of the Association of Theological Schools’ accredited seminaries.[4] Wesley Seminary currently employee 12 full-time faculty, 4 administrative staff members, and 3 executive administrators.

Wesley Seminary launched a Doctor of Ministry program in 2016. The first cohort began in June, when students traveled to Atlanta to learn about the foundations of urban, rural, and suburban leadership from nationally acclaimed pastors and Christian leaders. The first cohort will earn a Doctor of Ministry with a focus on transformational leadership. Upcoming cohorts in 2017 and 2018 will focus on preaching and spiritual formation, respectively.

In June 2016, Wesley Seminary Vice President Dr. Wayne Schmidt accepted the position of General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church. As a result, Dr. Jo Anne Lyon was named Interim Vice President of Wesley Seminary.[5] Dr. Lyon will serve as Interim Vice President while the university launches a national search for the next leader of Wesley Seminary.


Wesley Seminary is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It also received accreditation from the Association of Theological Schools in 2014.[6]


The seminary currently offers an innovative Master of Divinity degree program, along with other graduate theology degrees, offered in on-site and online formats.[7]

  • Master of Divinity (M.Div.) 75 credits
  • Master of Arts in Ministry (M.A.) with six specialization options ranging from 36-42 credits
  • Master of Practical Theology 36 credits
  • Doctor of Ministry with three specializations ranging from 32-38 credits


  • Dr. Jo Anne Lyon, Interim Vice President: Dr. Lyon was previously the General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church. Lyon founded World Hope International, an organization desiring to alleviate suffering and injustice through education, enterprise and community health.[8]
  • Dr. David Smith, Dean: Wrote the book, “Mark: A Commentary for Bible Students”[9] and is working in local Church-based Community Development in Malawi Africa through Circles of Hope, International.[10]
  • Dr. Charles Arn, Vising Professor of Christian Ministry and Outreach: teaches “The Missional Church” at Wesley Seminary and has authored 15 books.[11]
  • Dr. Colleen Derr, Associate Professor of Christian Ministry and Congregational Formation: Dr. Derr developed a children’s catechism program for The Wesleyan Church, Building Faith Kids, and a preteen discipleship tool, Explore. [12]
  • Dr. John L. Drury, Associate Professor of Theology and Christian Ministry: Dr. Drury has written two books, seven educational articles [13] and presented at 12 national conferences. [14]
  • Dr. Patrick Eby, Assistant Professor of Church History and Christian Ministry: Teaches church history and theology classes at Wesley Seminary and earned his doctorate in Wesley and Methodist studies. [15]
  • Dr. Safiyah Fosua, Assistant Professor of Spiritual Formation: Dr. Fosua is known for her compilation of Africana Worship Book series. She also assisted the Methodist Church of Ghana in curriculum writing, leader development, and local pastors’ education. [16]
  • Dr. Brannon Hancock, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology and Worship: Dr. Hancock wrote the book “The Scandal of Sacramentality: the Eucharist in Literary and Theological Perspectives” and has presented at eight conferences around the country. [17]
  • Dr. Kwasi Kena, Associate Professor Of Christian Ministry: Dr. Kena served with his wife, Dr. Safiyah Fosua, in Ghana, West Africa and has been featured in eight publications.[18]
  • Dr. Larisa Levicheva-Joseph, Assistant Professor of Bible and Christian Ministries: Dr Levicheva-Joseph served as full-time interpreter for the Wesleyan mission in Vladimir, Russia from 1995-2004. During that time she was involved in serving with the Youth Department and developing education materials for youth and children.[19]
  • Dr. Lenny Luchetti, Associate Professor of Christian Ministry and Proclamation: Dr. Luchetti is primarily responsible for the development and teaching of the preaching courses at Wesley Seminary. He has authored four books including “Preaching Essentials: A Practical Guide,”[20] which has been recognized by Outreach Magazine and Preaching Magazine as one of the best books on preaching in 2012-13.
  • Luis Peñaranda, Assistant Professor of Latino/Latina Christian Ministry: Luis Peñaranda was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. He is a bilingual professor who specializes in Biblical and leadership studies.[21]
  • Dr. Aaron Perry, Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry and Pastoral Care: Dr. Perry has been featured in four publications and conducted the dissertation for his doctoral program on “Exemplary Lives in Speech, Conduct, Love, Faith, and Purity: An Analysis of 1 Timothy 3-4 for Ethical Leadership.”[22]
  • Dr. Joanne Solis-Walker, Director of Latino/Latina Education: In 2015, Dr. Solis-Walker received the prestigious National Latino Evangelical Coalition Hispanic Educator Award. Dr. Solis-Walker is committed to the formation of Hispanic-Latino/Latina pastors and leaders and is an ordained minister of The Wesleyan Church in the Florida District.[23]
  • Dr. Bob Whitesel, Professor of Christian Ministry and Missional Leadership: Dr. Whitesel is a speaker, professor and recipient of the “Donald McGavran Award for Outstanding Leadership in Church Growth." Dr. Whitesel's professional experience includes 25+ years of research, consultation work and two doctorates in the fields of church health and growth that have led to his writing, speaking and consulting practice. [24]


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