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West brand.jpg
An old pack of West cigarettes
Product type Cigarette
Owner Imperial Tobacco
Introduced 1981; 36 years ago (1981)

West is a German tobacco brand owned by the British company Imperial Tobacco.

The cigarettes are available in most European Union countries except the UK and Ireland. The brand is sold in over 90 countries worldwide.


West was introduced to the German market in 1981 and was only available in tobacco goods shops. It was introduced with advertising stating West was a "quality marque at a fair price" on the German market. Since approximately 1987 West became available in supermarkets and cigarette vending machines. West is the second-strongest cigarette brand in Germany. It is available in the United States and distributed by Commonwealth Brands.


Mika Häkkinen in a 1999 McLaren sponsored by West.

West sponsored small German Formula One team Zakspeed from 1985 to 1989, and Sito Pons' Motogp team between 2000 and 2002. It was the principal sponsor of the McLaren Formula One team (as West McLaren Mercedes), from 1997 to July 2005, and Slovak Extraliga from 1997 to 2001. West terminated its relationship with McLaren due to a European Union ban on tobacco advertising. West also sponsors numerous amateur cage fighters.

Brands and varieties[edit]

German pack of West of 1981


  • West Red, 10 mg tar, 0.9 mg nicotine, 10 mg carbon monoxide.
  • West Silver (formerly known as West Light), 7 mg tar, 0.6 mg nicotine, 7 mg carbon monoxide.
  • West Blue, 4 mg tar, 0.4 mg nicotine, 4 mg carbon monoxide.
  • West Rich Blue, 8 mg tar, 0.7 mg nicotine, 8 mg carbon monoxide.
  • West ICE (a spearmint flavored menthol cigarette), 7 mg tar, 0.6 mg nicotine, 7 mg carbon monoxide. Part of the flavoring is added to the filter instead of the tobacco.

West Red and Silver cigarettes are also available in 100 mm length, as well as the standard 91 mm.

Other products

  • West Volumetabak Red and Silver, loose tobacco for roll-your-own cigarettes.
  • West Rollies Filter Red and Silver, cigarillos with filter.


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