West 10 LDN

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West 10 LDN
Title card
Also known as W10 LDN
West 10 London
Genre Drama
Written by Noel Clarke
Directed by Menhaj Huda
Starring Ashley Madekwe
Duane Henry
Noel Clarke
Ashley Walters
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 1
Executive producer(s) Menhaj Huda
Derek Wax
Producer(s) Tim Cole
Location(s) London
Cinematography Duncan Telford
Editor(s) Chris Muckle
Running time 57 minutes
Production company(s) Kudos Film & Television
Distributor BBC
Original network BBC Three
Original release 10 March 2008 (2008-03-10)

West 10 LDN (also known as W10 LDN and West 10 London) was a one-off BBC Three urban drama broadcast on 10 March 2008.


After the success of his urban drama film Kidulthood, Menhaj Huda decided to adapt a similar format for television. As such, he acquired the rights to Society Within, a book of short stories, written by Courttia Newland to develop into a TV Series and teamed up with the award-winning production company Kudos Film & Television, known for their work on Life On Mars, Spooks, Hustle, with writer Noel Clarke, producer Tim Cole and executive producer Derek Wax getting behind the project. West 10 LDN, a sixty-minute pilot to be broadcast as part of BBC Three's Drama Pilot Season, in which six different one-hour pilots were broadcast, with the highest-rated being made into an official six-part series. West 10 LDN featured Ashley Madekwe and Duane Henry as its lead actors, with Clarke appearing in a minor role. West 10 LDN was set entirely in the fictional Greenside council housing estate in West London, which in reality, is the White City Estate. West 10 LDN first was broadcast on 10 March 2008 on BBC Three. It received critical acclaim from fans of Kidulthood and Adulthood, however, according to the Clarke's official MySpace page, BBC Three controllers Danny Cohen and Jane Tranter made the decision not to commission West 10 LDN into a full series.


Nineteen-year-old Elisha (Ashley Madekwe), her mother and sister arrive on the Greenside estate, ready to move into their new flat, after their last flat was burnt down whilst they were visiting Elisha's father's grave. Whilst moving in, a box of Elisha's stuff is stolen from their car by a local thug. She immediately accuses Valerie (Chi Kolo) and her group of friends, but soon discover they were not involved. In the process, however, she becomes friends with Valerie - who offers to help her get her box back. At the local youth club, Elisha attempts to identify the thief - but finds herself immersed in a world of crazy socialism, run by Lacey (Ashley Walters) and Michael (Noel Clarke), and fame-seeking DJ Nathan (Adam Deacon). Meanwhile, local gang member Orin (Duane Henry) believes he has hit the jackpot when he recovers a stash of drugs dropped during a police arrest. However, his best friend Will (Andre Squire), is not so sure, but soon sets up a deal with local drug dealer Maverick (Nick Nevern), who offers the pair £1600 for the stash. Unlucky for them, the owners of the stash are on their tail - and they want their drugs back. After not having any luck at the youth club, Valerie and Elisha meet up with Val's boyfriend Ray (Fraser Ayres), who offers to help Elisha get her box back - and directs the pair to local Turkish pimp Gout (Tamer Hassan). After Gout fails to cough up the goods, Elisha decides to steal her own stuff back. As Valerie and Elisha attempt to escape the wrath of Gout, they come across Orin and Will being beaten by the owners of the stash - and with the help of a cup of foundation, manage to save them from being beaten to death. Orin owes his life to Elisha - and soon, a relationship between the pair begins to blossom.


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