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West 65 is a residential complex in New Belgrade. It is at the corner of Omladinskih Brigada Street and the inner city ring road. The location features well-developed traffic infrastructure and public transportation network, allowing quick and convenient access to any other part of the city. The immediate vicinity has shopping, offices and service centres. It is about 15 minutes to the city centre. It includes two 11-storey residential buildings, a mall and a 146 meter tower in Blok 65 of New Belgrade. It will be the tallest building in Belgrade until 2019.

Commercial section[edit]

The commercial section of the complex consists of retail shops located on the ground floor of the residential buildings and a modern shopping centre. It is modelled after pedestrian zones. It will include a supermarket, speciality stores, retail shops, catering and service facilities, a spa and wellness centre, and entertainment facilities for children and adults.

Multipurpose tower[edit]

In accordance with the architectural concept, the corner of Omladinskih Brigada Street and the inner city ring road will be the site of one of the tallest and most modern buildings in Belgrade. The tower will be house two separate units. The first unit will contain office space, whereas the second one will contain hotel suites. Tower will have 51 floor and 146m height.


  • Land plot area: 30,316 m2
  • Superstructure area: 106,106 m2
  • Substructure area: 46,331 m2
  • Number of apartments: 514
  • Number of retail shops: 100
  • Office space and hotel suite total area: 37,058 m2
  • Number of parking places: 1,324
  • Open space area: 15,484 m2
  • Number of new plant units: 172

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