West Adams Preparatory High School

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West Adams Preparatory High School
West Adams Prep HS.jpg
West Adams Preparatory at night
1500 West Washington Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Coordinates34°02′23″N 118°17′23″W / 34.039796°N 118.289851°W / 34.039796; -118.289851Coordinates: 34°02′23″N 118°17′23″W / 34.039796°N 118.289851°W / 34.039796; -118.289851
School districtLos Angeles Unified School District
Age range14-18
Enrollment1,514 (2016-17)[1]
Color(s)Black and Gray and Sky Blue

West Adams Preparatory High School is a secondary school in the Pico-Union neighborhood of Central Los Angeles, California.[2]

The school is a part of the Los Angeles Unified School District and is operated by a nonprofit organization working in conjunction with LAUSD. The organization, MLA Partner Schools (formerly called Mentor LA), also operates Manual Arts High School.


The school, which opened in the fall semester of 2007, is divided into three smaller schools: School of Business, School of the Arts (SOTA), and the School of Invention, Design, Engineering & Architecture (IDEA)

Core programs include Advisory (a required course for every student, every year, learning about college and career opportunities) and "7 to 7" (an elongated school day offering enrichment opportunities for students and families before and after normal school hours).

Though West Adams is a LAUSD high school, it was designed in part by MLA Partner Schools, a nonprofit organization that now operates the school on a five year performance contract with the LAUSD school board.

The school was originally opened to relieve the LAUSD's Belmont High School, Dorsey High School, Los Angeles High School, and Manual Arts High School.[3][4]

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution[edit]

Several episodes of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution are centered around West Adams, with Oliver attempting to influence the food options available to the students.[5][6]


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