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The West Burlington Independent School District is a school district in West Burlington, Iowa, and is home to the West Burlington Falcons.

Brief history[edit]

There have been a total of six buildings that could be called "West Burlington Schools". Fairview was the first, but was on the North side of Mt. Pleasant Road, and therefore, not in "corporate" town limits. The next was on the corner of Wheeler and Ramsey, and was around as early as 1888. It was later replaced by a two story brick school and was used until 1939 when A "Public Works Administration project" took place, and it was reconstructed. It was used as the only elementary building for students until 1956 when the present day elementary was started.

West Burlington Elementary School[edit]

The current Elementary school houses Pre-school through grade six. In 1960-61, an eight room wing was added on and grades four through six were relocated to the elementary building. In 1997 an addition was added to the building and many rooms were remodeled. The old gym was turned into the library and a new wing containing ten classrooms, a gym, and a music room was added. The building was further upgraded in 2005-2006. The new addition contained another set of ten classrooms, a remodeled nurse's office, front office, and special ed classrooms.

Central Office (Old Middle School)[edit]

The Central Office (formerly West Burlington Middle School) was built in the early 1930s. In 1997 it was converted from a school building to the central offices for the school district due to asbestos issues with the building and lack of handicap access to the second story.

West Burlington Arnold Jr./Sr. High School[edit]

West Burlington Arnold Jr./Sr. High School (formerly West Burlington High School & West Burlington Arnold High School) was built in three phases, the first beginning in 1966, and was finished in 1969. In 1972 the school was renamed in honor of Walter E. Arnold, a teacher in the district since 1931, and the Superintendent from 1957 until his death -inside school walls- in 1971. In 1997 a major renovation project was done at the school. The high school gym had the stage removed and a concession stand was put in facing the cafeteria. The Junior High wing was also added. This added nine classrooms, renovated the library, added a computer lab, added another gym, and added a 399 seat auditorium. The front office was also remodeled during this project. Another addition to the building began in the Fall of 2010 that will add eight more classrooms.

Falcon Focus[edit]

Falcon Focus is a student produced news show for West Burlington High School. It airs once a month with a theme of that month's holiday.

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