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West Channel
Mass media
Industry Television
Founded 1988 (television)
Headquarters Kozani, Greece
Website West Media Group

West Channel is a Greek local channel which broadcasts from the city of Kozani for the periphery of West Macedonia. It was created and launched in April 1991 by the lawyer Vicky Papafilippou and the businessman and benefactor Zissis Dardalis.

The two founders had a common dream: the creation of a channel of communication between the residents of Western Macedonia and these who live in Thessaloniki and Athens (America, Australia, Canada, Germany and elsewhere). West Channel has 17 transponders that cover all the places of the Region of Western Macedonia, up to the south-eastern regions of Albania and the Republic of Macedonia. The character of program is informative, however it falls short of the remainder factors that characterize a modern regional TV Station.


West Channel logo

The channel broadcasts on the following frequencies in West Macedonia:

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