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West Coast Amusements is a Canadian travelling amusement park company based in Langley, British Columbia. It was founded in 1962 by Bingo Hauser, who has been in show business since the mid forties. Raised and educated in Brandon, Manitoba, Bingo started traveling with carnivals at a very early age and became well versed in the business by operating a number of rides and concessions.

When he first went out on his own Bingo started an animal show, which is where the Lion in the WCA logo comes from. Bingo eventually sold the animals to zoos, bought a Merry Go Round and gradually built West Coast Amusements into the major Midway operation it is today.

WCA is one of Canada's leading traveling amusement (carnival) companies, entertaining all ages with cost effective, safe, environmentally friendly, and fun services including rides, games, food, and much more.

WCA employs approximately 350 people every year and have four individual units that travel all over Western Canada and Washington State.

WCA is currently run by Bob and Wendy Hauser (son and daughter-in-law of Bingo Hauser) and is a family run business. Stephanie Buttazoni (Bob and Wendy's daughter) along with her husband Rino have a bunch of food joints. Darcy Benson who is Bob and Wendy's son in law. Married to Jaclyn Hauser. Darcy runs one of the smaller units. Another unit is run by Robbie (Wendy and Bob's son).

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