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West County Detention Center is a large coeducational adult medium security Contra Costa County prison in Richmond, California opened in 1991.[1]


It is located in the Point Pinole area of the city between Parchester Village to the south, Point Pinole Regional Shoreline to the west and the Hilltop area to the east. The prison can house up to 1,104 inmates.[1] There are five different housing areas, four for males and one for females.[1] The prison is served by route 71 AC Transit bus service 7 days a week and route 376 late night.[2] The jail also houses the county's "special needs" inmates.[1]

"The West County Detention Facility opened in 1991 and is one of nine facilities in California contracted by ICE to hold detainees. It holds about 1,000 inmates. Of that number, an average of 120 to 150 individuals are there under ICE custody and are being processed for removal from the United States based on violations of immigration laws, said Lori Haley, a spokeswoman for ICE and the Department of Homeland Security." [1]


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